FAQ’s for Remedy Candidates

How can I become a Remedy Associate?

The first step of the hiring process for Remedy Staffing of Atlanta, is the fact that all candidates must complete the online application. Filling out the online application is definitely the most important part of being able to be hired. Many candidates lose track of the fact that filling out this application puts them at the top of the list when we have a good opportunity for a job opening.

Do I have to be a US citizen to work?

At Remedy Staffing of Atlanta most of our positions are open only to individuals that are eligible to work in the United States. Candidates must provide proof of eligibility with valid Employment Authorization Documentation. Types of documentation may include: United States Permanent Resident Cards (Green Cards) and I-9 documentation as outlined by the USCIS.

In addition to resident eligibility documentation, Remedy may also perform reference checks, background checks, and drug testing for our candidates.

Do I have to pay any fees to Remedy?

No, there is no cost to our job candidates. Remedy of Atlanta gets paid by the clients/companies where our candidates are placed.

What are the steps of Remedy ‘s application process?
At Remedy Staffing of Atlanta we try to make the application process as easy as possible. Our application form is the first step, and can be filled out online – 24 hours a day 365 days a year. After proper completion of the application we will contact you to come in and speak with one of our personnel supervisors for an interview.

During this interview your Remedy personnel supervisor will assess your skills and match you to a suitable job.

Should I contact Remedy after the interview?

Your Remedy personnel supervisor will be in communications with you trying to find the proper job for your skill set, but we also ask that you touch base with us once a week to reaffirm your availability for work.

How soon can I start working?

One of the biggest determinants of the timeframe of when you can start work, is how quickly you properly fill out the Remedy application form. The availability of jobs changes on a day-to-day basis, and we are constantly focusing on finding the right candidate for the right job.

When I am doing temporary work, who is my official employer?

When working as a temporary employee for a Remedy of Atlanta customer, you are officially an employee of Remedy of Atlanta. Remedy will be in contact with you conveying your work hours, assignments, and other issues.

How long does the typical staffing job last?

Assignments at Remedy Staffing of Atlanta vary greatly. Some are short-term and can range in length from a couple days to a couple of weeks. Some are long-term and may last months or even a year. At Remedy Staffing we talk to our candidates to find out how many hours a week they are capable of working, and we use that information when trying to place the right candidate for the right job.

You will be made fully aware of the particulars, such as length of service, when the assignment is presented to you.

How much/often can I work?

This depends on a combination of factors including: your availability to work, demand for your skills in the marketplace, and seasonal demand for employees. At Remedy we will make sure to find a position that works right for you.

What happens if my job duties are different than what was originally presented to me?

Exactly how to handle any changes in your employment duties, will be completely outlined in the introductory/safety video that will be shown to you on the date of your interview with Remedy Staffing of Atlanta.

What happens when my work assignment has ended?

If you still want to work, Remedy will be actively looking to find you another assignment. In many instances, we may have an assignment ready for you immediately.

When do I need to submit my timecard?

All time cards are to be submitted by 9 AM Monday morning to ensure payment for that Friday. While your supervisor usually will handle this process please be aware that ultimately this is your responsibility.

When am I paid by Remedy?

As was conveyed in the question above, payday for our associates takes place on Friday after Monday’s properly submitted timecard. (Keep in mind that if Friday falls on a holiday, payday will occur one day early – on Thursday)

What if I am injured on the job?

Once again, this is covered in great detail on the introductory/safety video that will be shown to you on the date of your interview with Remedy Staffing of Atlanta. If you are injured you should contact Remedy Staffing immediately. You are employed by Remedy Staffing and are covered by our workers’ compensation insurance.

Am I eligible for benefits with Remedy Staffing of Atlanta?

Remedy associates are assigned a “Benefit Type”, and you will be provided with a benefit summary sheet after your initial interview. This benefit summary sheet will describe all the benefits that are available for your particular classification. Further details about possible benefits can be found at – link.

What happens if I am offered an assignment that I don’t want?

At Remedy Staffing of Atlanta we understand that not every opportunity will be a good fit for our candidates. You are free to decline the position and we will continue to look for other possible positions based on your skill set.

What happens if I start work on assignment and then realize it’s a bad fit?

Contact your Remedy personnel supervisors immediately and explain the problem and we will actively look to phase you out of that position, while phasing another candidate into that position. Contacting Remedy first shows responsibility and will help you greatly in future Remedy jobs.

What is Remedy’s Safety Bonus Program?

Remedy Staffing of Atlanta has a Safety Bonus Program that rewards associates for obeying proper safety measures and procedures. Your Remedy personnel supervisor will outline the specifics of this program so that you will be able to take advantage of it.

Does Remedy offer internships?

Remedy Staffing of Atlanta focuses on placing candidates with specific jobs for our customers. From time to time we will run across internship openings for companies. Please contact Remedy of Atlanta to find out information about internship possibilities.