Are We Really Offering You A Free Book?

book8Yes We Are! Remedy Intelligent Staffing wants to be known throughout the entire metropolitan Atlanta area as the staffing agency that not only provides employee solutions for companies, but also the one that’s committed to helping companies grow.

And to show that we’re serious about helping you and your company grow, we’re going to give you one of our best secret weapons – for free.  We’re offering you a free copy of Jeffrey Gitomer’s bestselling book (#1 on!) The Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude

Now why the heck are we doing this??

Well, for 3 reasons:

  1. This book embodies Remedy Intelligent Staffing. This book showcases many of the over-the-top customer service techniques that Remedy Staffing uses to run our everyday business.
  2. This book can help your company.   This book is filled with tons of outstanding ideas that can dramatically change the environment (and profits!) of your company – and when you see good things happen at your company hopefully you’ll think of Remedy Staffing.
  3. This book can help you! The book is a fun and thought-provoking read, and just by implementing a few of the ideas in this book you’ll be able to see a big change… in yourself.  And once again when you see good things happen we hope you’ll think of Remedy Staffing.

So we’d like to extend this tremendous offer to business owners and hiring managers throughout Atlanta. With no strings attached and no expectations – other than to help you and your company.

So give us a call at: (678) 910-9912 to get your free book!