What Remedy Staffing of Atlanta Does…   In a Nutshell

We Provide Immediate Access to the Quality Temps You Need to Help Your Business Prosper

The goal of our company is to make your company run more smoothly and be more profitable. We do that by supplying exactly what you need. In a word Production.

Whether that means answering phones as a customer service rep, entering data, or loading a truck for delivery, we are constantly working on ways to make the task more efficient and less costly for you.

Using Remedy Staffing is an investment, not an expense!

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Hiring Managers Love Using Remedy Staffing.   And You Will Too!

We can only hope that our clients think as much of our customer service as we think of yours… Thank You!

Day or night you guys always seem to be available and ‘on top of it’. I thank you and our business does too!

You really do go the extra mile for your customers. When our busy season ramps up – you guys always deliver.

I don’t know how you consistently find us the people that meet our tough standards but please keep it up. Thanks

Remedy Staffing’s Pricing Methodology

Many of our clients’ eyes begin glazing over when we start discussing the concepts of Pay Rate and Bill Rate. So in order to make our pricing understandable to our customers, we use our $1.99 Pricing Structure to outline the value you get with Remedy Staffing.

Our $1.99 Pricing Structure

With Remedy you pay only $1.99 an hour for temporary employees ($2.99 for certain skilled jobs) in addition to the typical costs associated with having an employee.

What does that mean?

You probably know that if you hire an employee you have to pay federal and state taxes and workman’s comp insurance – in addition to the employee’s salary. Remedy Staffing’s price is that amount + $1.99 an hour.

Check out the last tab “What You Get” to see what that $1.99 gets you!

Meet John

John is a Machine Operator. He uses a burn table with a computer controlled plasma cutter to create the metal hinges that are used for the doors for heavy-duty trucks and trailers. The job is dirty, smelly and can be dangerous. The location of John’s assignment has a history of OSHA violations for various reasons and to top it off John works the midnight shift where fatigue is a concern.

All of these factors; type of work, time of work, and history of losses come into play when figuring the Workman’s comp rate and your ultimate bill rate.

Meet Jane

Jane is a professional office manager. She has worked for a very well-known Fortune 100 firm for many years. She left the workforce when her second child was born but would be open to coming back to work for less money than she previously earned if her new company had flexible hours. Jane, as you can imagine, would be a big asset to your company but Jane is hard to find.

While her workman’s comp rate would be low the cost to find her is steep.

What you Get for $1.99 an Hour


  • Recruiting

  • Interviewing

  • Background Checks

  • Drug Testing

  • Integrity Testing

  • Attitude Training

  • We Assume The Workman’s Comp Liability For That Employee!


The “Big 4” Advantages of Using Remedy Staffing

These are the primary reasons of why companies use a staffing agency to maximize their productivity. Hiring temporary workers and developing a workforce solution allows companies to be more flexible and adapt to changing market conditions.


Using Remedy Staffing of Atlanta
Is This Simple!




Caution:   Here Is Something That May Shock You!

Remedy Staffing of Atlanta checks on ALL of our clientsEvery Week!     …in person!

We’re All Fishin’ Out Of The Same Pond

All the staffing agencies in Atlanta are pulling from the same pool of job seekers

If that is what you think, you are partly right. All of us, to some extent are using the same tools to find the best talent and fishing from the same pond. The difference is how everyone uses those tools, and how many of those fish are thrown back. At Remedy Staffing of Atlanta we actually recruit hard to find the perfect temporary worker and actively disqualify more applicants then anyone in Atlanta.

Our Remedy temporary employees are ready, willing, and able to become your full-time employee and enhance your business value. We won’t just provide you with warm bodies. If that is what you need, we will gladly recommend one of our competitors. Our temporary workers want to grow your business. We are just here to put the two of you together.

Same pond, I guess we just use different bait!



We Specialize In Productivity

We won’t rest until we find the perfect temporary employee that fits your needs. This is not just a slogan – our personnel supervisor will visit your place of business and physically see what your needs are. In some cases they will spend a few hours doing the job so we know exactly what the position entails.

We will find the right temp (or temps) no matter how many tries, because we are actively working to upgrade your personnel all the time.

Our people are focused on being productive and not just taking up space.

Can Remedy Really Make Your Work-Life Easier?

The quick answer is YES!   Try Remedy Staffing out for a week and we’ll show you how much easier it can be!

The founders of Remedy Staffing trace their roots back to immigrant families that came to the US knowing the value of hard work… and honest respect for people.

Consequently, customers of Remedy Staffing are ALL given the same treatment – First Class.

Our relationship with our customers will never be taken for granted. Your success is our mission, because if you’re successful we both win.

We Know A Secret About You!

Remedy Staffing Knows That You’re Probably Already Using a Staffing Agency For Some Of Your Temp Work

The methodology of companies using a flexible workforce has been a well-known strategy for many years, and with Obamacare on the horizon companies are looking for even more flexibility.

Remedy Staffing of Atlanta’s business philosophy is that we want to be available to help as many businesses in the Atlanta metro area as possible. We would rather have two hundred clients with 2 temporary employees working on location than two clients with 200 each on location.

Remedy doesn’t need all of your business to make a HUGE difference in your business.

We look forward to hearing from you and learning about your business. We’ll come out to your business and talk to you about your unique situation, and if we can be of help we’ll outline a solution, and if we can’t be of help… we’ll tell you that too! Fair enough???


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