Order and Billing Management

staffing-orderOne of the mottos of Remedy Intelligent Staffing of Atlanta is that… your solution is just a phone call away. After all, we’re the staffing agency that prides ourselves in our go-the-extra-mile service.

So in our ongoing effort to provide better service, we realize that many companies love to take advantage of new innovations. We also like to think of ourselves as the staffing agency that not only keeps up with our clients’ changing needs, but also with the changing times.

With the advancing technologies in today’s marketplace, many of our activities and tasks can be handled online. From buying gadgets on Amazon, to ordering pizza delivery, you can essentially manage many of the aspects of your personal and business needs with the click of a button.

With that in mind, Remedy wants to make working with our team as easy as “clicking a button,” by offering the following technologies to help make your order and billing management easier.


Do you feel like your requisition process is a bit haphazard?
Do you have different managers/departments/people placing orders?
Would you like all of your people that make hiring decisions to be “on the same page”?

Requistaff is Remedy’s online staffing requisition tool that allows companies to streamline their human resource ordering process through a convenient, centralized source.

Remedy will customize our Requistaff tool for your company’s unique hiring requirements, complete with pre-populated fields and drop-downs, so that orders can be placed via the Web swiftly and easily.

Remedy’s technology team will customize your version of Requistaff to the specific aspects of your business, including:

  • Locations
  • Rates
  • Job descriptions
  • Approval workflows
  • And more

Not only is the system user-friendly, but it also includes customized reports so you can get a snapshot of all orders placed, with the simple click of a button. And of course you will be provided a dedicated person to call if you have any questions. This person will be available to you 24/7.

iHire (VMS)

Do you like keeping tabs on your business?
iHire is Remedy Staffing’s Vendor Management System (VMS) that gives you real data, in real time, to give you a clear understanding of your resources and costs.

iHire is a robust Vendor Management System that’s easy to use. It increases your efficiency and improves effectiveness, by enabling you to connect the dots between workforce data and productivity.

Some Key Points of iHire:

  • Maximum flexibility
  • Streamlines the procurement process from requisition creation and approval, to identifying and interviewing candidates, right through to tracking pay history.
  • Real-time data you can trust
  • Time-and-attendance tool is seamlessly integrated with placement and billing system – the same source as the numbers on your invoice. With all systems in sync you get accurate, timely workforce data.
  • Control over productivity and profitability
  • Easily generate management reports on turnover, headcount, schedule variance, trend analysis, project tracking, and more – all reflecting the latest real data and customized to your requirements.
  • The combination of iHire, plus our Managed Services Program SinglePoint Solutions and Remedy’s national staffing expertise, gives you complete control over your workforce… all from a single provider!


Remedy Intelligent Staffing is continually looking for ways to improve our partnership with clients and provide a better and easier way for you to do business. This is one the primary reasons of why Remedy developed a new state-of-the-art online billing service called iStatement. iStatement allows companies to forego the needless faxing of timesheets and likelihood for human error.

With iStatement, clients reap the benefits of:

Convenience: You’ll receive your invoices earlier, which will allow you to more accurately estimate how much your payments will be. Not only will this allow your department to be more productive, but also it will give you more time to pay.

Cost Savings: Eliminate costly data entry billing errors, reduce your postal charges by paying online, and reap the cost benefit of improved record-keeping methods.

Improving the Environment: Reducing paperwork is not only more efficient and saves you time, but also it has the added benefit of saving trees.