Recruiting and Screening

What is your strategy of finding the best people for your company, and keeping them?

At Remedy Intelligent Staffing of Atlanta, our team focuses on finding the highest quality individuals in the marketplace. We then analyze our candidates and learn about their past work experience, abilities, attitudes and their core values – essentially what makes them tick. Understanding our candidates’ strengths and weaknesses allows us to target the right type of work in which they will truly excel. When we have this complete picture of our candidates it allows us to deliver a better fit for our clients. What that also means for you and your company is that you’ll have workers that will deliver higher productivity and profitability.


Here’s a little staffing industry secret: all staffing agencies brag about the fact that their candidates are the “cream of the crop” What allows Remedy of Atlanta to deliver on that claim?

We bring you “cream of the crop” individuals because we focus on 3 things:

  • Screening
  • Screening
  • Screening

That’s right; we do a lot of screening. It is more of a disqualification process rather than a qualifying one. Remedy has some of the most advanced screening methodologies and programs in the marketplace, so that our clients can feel secure in getting high-integrity people that have the proper attitudes and values for your company.

Remedy’s screening and selection process focuses on areas like:

  • Comprehensive skills assessments
  • Verifying proper I-9 employment credentials
  • Integrity analysis through personality profile testing (This one is really cool and will wipe out nearly 25% of all applicants)
  • Analysis of candidate’s “physical condition”, so that they can adequately perform specific job functions.

recruiting-agencyWe specialize in screening people. In fact, we screen so much that some applicants feel they are being prepped to temp at the Central Intelligence Agency. This is an area that we specialize in, and when you do that day after day, week after week, month after month… you get to be pretty good at it. The best thing that our clients enjoy about our comprehensive screening process is that they know exactly where they stand with us. We encourage continued learning and improving one’s self. Our goal is not just to offer great temporary employees but to provide your future superstars.

You don’t have to worry about screening – we do it all for you.

When it comes to screening and recruiting Remedy Staffing is constantly developing new and innovative programs to make the process even better (because it’s so important to our clients). Some of our programs and methodologies are listed below:


Do you ever have unexpected challenges that require many workers fast?

If you are one of those companies that tends to have issues that arise “out of the blue”, wouldn’t it be great to be able to get rapid staffing solutions?

MegaBlast is Remedy Staffing’s candidate communication system that allows us to bring new meaning to the words “agile and flexible.” MegaBlast allows us reach hundreds of pre-qualified temps in a matter of minutes, and enables us to deliver high-quality candidates for you – in just a couple of hours!

Also staffing tweaks and changes (job needs, shift changes, etc…) can pose a problem, but with a solid communication network of our candidates we can easily adjust to any tweaks and changes you might have. This allows Remedy Staffing to provide agile, speedy, and quality business solutions.


Do you wish you could submit applicants to a lie-detector test?

A recent study has found that worker theft is the basis for 72% of a typical company’s lost inventory. In these tough economic times, wouldn’t you like to have “employee theft” be a battle you don’t have to fiddle with?

When it comes to risk management, nothing is as risky as an employee who has a tendency to:

  • Steal from others
  • Use or sell drugs
  • Harass workers and/or customers
  • Violent behavior

So, in an effort to screen-out these “bad apples” Remedy has developed an integrity-testing exam called X-Ray. The X-Ray program does a magnificent job of weeding-out potential employees that have a propensity to engage in high-risk problems.

The potential problems of having the wrong person (or persons) employed at your company can end up costing you millions.

Not only does X-Ray screen-out people with integrity issues, but also this reduction in “bad apples” promotes a safer and friendlier work environment for fellow workers and customers.

An example question would look like this:

What would your friends say about your weekend drug usage?
A. Light to moderate
B. Moderate to heavy
C. Heavy
D. None at all

Working Interview

Even with all the screening, research, and analysis, you still don’t know how a person will react to a new environment. That’s why we promote a “free trial” so to speak. We are offering the first four hours of a new candidate’s first day as a test. If they’re not working out… you don’t pay a dime.

We’re confident in putting our money where our mouth is.

Look, this is not rocket science, it is actually harder! People are tough to figure out. We’ve perfected all our testing, measuring, and checking – allowing us to get a handle on peoples’ behavior. That is what gives us the confidence to offer this guarantee and allow you to “try them before your buy them.”

You will see very quickly that the people we send you are more than temporary employees. They are full-time partners looking for a new home.