Why We’re Different

We Get People

At Remedy, we “get” people. Understanding people helps us recruit the right people. Understanding our clients enables us to find smart solutions for them and inspires us to deliver our go-the-extra-mile service.

Selecting the right person for a position is difficult, especially if you need immediate productivity and results. The difference between average and outstanding performance is directly related to how well the candidate is suited for the type of work and the type of company. To get outstanding results we have to do relentless due diligence on every candidate.

We Get To Know Our Clients

Remedy Staffing Delivers Customer ServiceMany staffing agencies like to waltz into your front door and immediately proclaim, “We have the all the answers.” At Remedy we take a different approach, we’ll sit down beside your team, roll up our sleeves, and get to know your business and its needs from the inside out.

Approaching this relationship as a partnership makes our job easier, because your knowledge helps us make the right decisions, and enables you to receive unheard of results. By working together, we’ll utilize our staffing expertise to help provide a catalyst for your company’s productivity.

Remedy Staffing of Atlanta Takes Pride In:

Industry Experts: We develop and keep abreast of the latest government changes on safety, OSHA and healthcare regulations with our award winning in-house risk department. These people are on our staff and at your disposal for whatever you need them for to help save and earn your more money.

Partnership: We believe in working together to meet your company’s production goals, and to be your go to firm when it comes to creating a flexible workforce.

Price Quotes: We provide competitive rate quotes – in less than an hour.

Straightforwardness: The one thing we know for sure is that we will never know more about your business than you do. You can be sure that from us you won’t hear us using a bunch of industry buzzwords. We come to you with a common sense approach of delivering extra mile service and supremely qualified candidates.

Quick Emergency Response: We have a 2-hour turnaround when emergencies and/or problems arise. Plus you will be provided a series of cell numbers for reaching people on the off-hours if necessary.

Flexibility: We work with a variety of companies, and all different sizes. As long as you want humans, we got ‘em.

Guarantee: Unlike many of our competitors & because we are renowned for outstanding service, we are prepared to put our money where our mouth is. We guarantee all our work.

You're Atlanta Staffing AgencySimply put, we deliver on our promises. If you’ve ever used staffing agencies before, then you probably know that problems can arise from time to time. With us you will never again need to handle these challenges alone. There is always a solution and we are there to be part of it. We also have learned how to curtail many problems through our ability to prepare a stockpile of candidates with your exact profile.

Our Goal

We achieve success through the idea of a partnership and an unabashed commitment to creating a bridge between our clients and candidates. We remain in constant contact with both candidate and client to check on performance and fit.

Looking at the economic landscape of 2013 we see enormous need and potential for companies to utilize a flexible workforce. For areas you may not have imagined before. Inbound and outbound calls, inventory controls and even sales. So give us a call, we may already be in contact with the very candidate you are looking for!