Remedy Benefits

temp-job-benefitsRemedy Intelligent Staffing of Atlanta offers our candidates great job perks, benefits, and opportunities. At Remedy we give a whole new meaning to the term of “staffing agency”, because we focus on creating a mutually-beneficial partnership. We honor that partnership through our excellent pay, training and coaching, first-rate benefits, and exceptional bonuses.

At Remedy of Atlanta we definitely know how to reward good people.

If You’re Wanting Permanent Work

We work with many of the top companies in Atlanta, which means you can get yourself into the pole-position on future permanent job openings. Companies love to “hire from within”, so when Remedy candidates are working at a company, many times they are offered a permanent position at the company without the need for a job search.

In fact, the American Staffing Association did a study about this “hiring from within” scenario and found out that about 3 out of every 4 temp employees will advance to a full-time job.

If You Want Flexibility – We’ve Got Flexible Opportunities

employment-benefitsWith Remedy you can choose when you want to work, and how much you want to work. We have a multitude of contract positions, in different industries, throughout the Atlanta metro area. These companies love utilizing quality temporary candidates (and even temp-to-perm).

We also have many candidates that have personal obligations that only allow for part-time work. Remedy is the alternative that allows people to get an employment solution that fits their lifestyle.

Also, Remedy offers you the ability to work part-time and still get benefits.

Here are some of Remedy’s benefits for our associates:

Health Insurance
Remedy of Atlanta has affordable health insurance to protect you and your family from unexpected accidents and medical events. We know that your health (and your family’s) is a high priority.

Dental Insurance
In addition to health insurance, Remedy offers dental insurance to insure you and your family for dental emergencies and routine exams.

Vision Insurance
Just like health and dental insurance, Remedy knows that eye care is very important. Remedy’s Vision Insurance can help protect you against any eye-related conditions or emergencies. The vision insurance plan also provides coverage for eye exams including ones for eyeglasses and/or contacts.

Short-Term Disability Insurance
Insure yourself and your family against any unforeseen accidents with Remedy’s disability insurance. The insurance can provide benefits and wages in the event of an accident or disabling event that impairs one’s ability to work.

Term Life Insurance
Give your family “financial peace-of-mind” with Remedy’s term life insurance policy.

Holiday Pay (After 1 Year)
After you’ve worked at Remedy for 12 months, you’ll also be eligible for paid holidays! US paid holidays are: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Referral Bonus
At Remedy of Atlanta, we like working with good people. If you refer a friend or family member to us, you’ll be eligible for Remedy’s Referral Bonus. The bonus will paid to you after the referral completes 40 hours of work.

Direct Deposit Pay
With Remedy, we make it easy for you to get your paychecks quickly and efficiently. With that in mind you can utilize our Direct Deposit pay that deposits your money immediately into your checking or savings account.

Remedy Global Cash Card
Another option that’s similar to our theme of paying you quickly and efficiently is Remedy’s Electronic Pay Cards option. With this option you don’t even need a bank account, your paychecks can be directly (and immediately) deposited into an account with you own ATM/Debit Card.

401(k) Accounts
Save for your retirement with Remedy’s 401(k) plan. A 401(k) plan allows you to deduct a portion of your paycheck and invest it into a personal retirement account – before taxes!

Dependent Care Assistance Account
The Dependent Care Assistance Program (DCAP) allows you to deduct money for eligible dependent care (kids, etc..) from your paycheck. This saves you money because this portion of your income is tax-free.

How the account works is that Remedy deposits your qualified DCAP payroll deduction to your DCAP account. You pay your dependent care expenses out-of-pocket and then you can get those out-of-pocket expenses refunded to you from your DCAP account by submitting a DCAP reimbursement claim form.

The Dependent Care Assistance Program is an alternative to claiming the IRS Child and Dependent Care Credit on your taxes (which means you can ONLY do one or the other). Consult your tax advisor (or the IRS website) to see which method works better for you.

Employment and Software Training
Remedy offers our associates employment training to deliver superior skills so that you can be an in-demand employee in the marketplace.

Qualifying For Benefits
Just like full-time employees at companies, some of Remedy’s benefits require a specific length of service before eligibility. Talk to your Remedy service manager to find out when you can become eligible for specific benefits.

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