Career Coaching

find-a-jobYou may have been offered Career Coaching in the past and never took advantage of it.  You’re probably aware that most top executives have coaches, and you may even know of some personally.  The idea of coaching makes sense to most people because they see that many well-known actors, actresses, athletes, singers, dancers, musicians, entertainers, and teachers have coaches.

When it comes to coaching, many people ponder the question of whether successful people would they have reached the height of their success without the help of others?  But who are you kidding? You already know that answer to that question.

A perfect example of a “Career Coaching wake-up call” is that many people can fall into a rut and become content with their job (or lack of a job) situation – until they see friends and family members achieving success – especially if they may have more talent than those that are succeeding.

At Remedy Intelligent Staffing of Atlanta we’ve found that many people “know what they should/need to do”, but they’re just not doing what they already “know.”

That’s why Remedy Staffing of Atlanta provides career coaching.  Many times it doesn’t require a huge effort on our part to get people going in the right direction. We often do simple things like helping to identify your strengths and assets, and then reminding people to stay focused on these assets.  We will work together with you on a plan that fits your lifestyle, gets you motivated, and keeps you accountable.

Coaching is a two way street, you’ll need to make the commitment to do the work necessary to not waste your time and ours.  You have to be willing to run the wind sprints every day.  That’s what Michael Jordan did and you should take a look at his championship rings.

The Career Coaching program we offer concentrates heavily on skill enhancement and accountability.  Some of the topics include:

  • Narrowing your search
  • Prospecting techniques
  • Goal setting
  • Tracking
  • Advanced follow-up
  • Interviewing practice
  • And much more…

We offer tis career coaching in group and individual sessions. The first thing you should do is to focus on time management and take the time to give us a call for some career coaching at: (770) 594-2424.