Who We Are

Staffing Agency TempsRemedy Intelligent Staffing is a nationwide staffing agency, with more than 40 years of experience in helping companies leverage the power of a flexible workforce. We pride ourselves on our selection expertise to match job candidates with positions where there is mutual benefit. You don’t need a temporary employee, you need a Superstar employee! And that employee needs a great company like yours to help you both create a better future.

We’re Big

With the completion of our merger with Select Staffing (back in 2006) we are now one of the largest “American-owned” staffing agencies in the United States. Remedy/Select is well-known for their “go-the-extra-mile” service (That is actually our motto, and we live up to it) they give to all types of companies.


Remedy Staffing of Atlanta has taken our national “go-the-extra-mile” service to a whole new level and developed a reputation in Atlanta GA of being insanely obsessive-compulsive about customer service. Our clients know that when a challenge arises (and they always do) that it’s probably already being fixed.

Remedy Staffing of Atlanta taken our national “go-the-extra-mile” service to a whole new level

Helping Companies Grow

Staffing Solutions for Atlanta CompaniesOne of the best ways that Remedy can provide service is by helping companies become more productive and profitable by being experts in workforce optimization. We do the things that no other firm even thinks about, like conducting motivational sales meetings for the sales staff, and overcoming call reluctance for the customer service reps. We don’t consider ourselves just a staffing agency, but more importantly a partner in our customers’ business success – helping them achieve greatness. We’re so deep-rooted with many clients that they actually write us into their company’s organization charts.

The Catalyst

Remedy wants to be remembered in the history books as the staffing agency responsible for getting the Atlanta economy booming again – one business at a time! Yours could be next!