Risk Management


At Remedy of Atlanta, we’re serious about safety. Really!

Business owners know that the costs incurred with workers’ compensation insurance can be a hefty burden for their companies. And moving forward, the projected (escalating) premiums can look especially gloomy.

As you probably know, the premiums for workers’ comp insurance hinge on two key areas:

  1. Risk Assessment of Your Industry – If your company is involved in underwater demolitions, then your business insurance premiums are going to be higher than that of an accountant. (although accountants are sometimes prone to paper cuts)
  2. Risk Assessment of Your Company – Over time, your company develops a track record of any injuries, claims, violations, lawsuits, and property damage. All these factors are then computed and crunched by a bunch of guys in smoke-filled rooms somewhere in Washington.

So factor #1 is pretty much out of your control, but factor #2 is definitely an area where you can reduce significant portions of your risk. And that’s where Remedy Staffing steps in as your helper.

The Remedy Staffing Risk Management team won 4 of the risk and insurance industry’s highest awards including:

  • Risk Manager of the Year
  • Risk Innovator Award
  • National Underwriter Award for Excellence in Workers’ Compensation and Risk Management
  • LexisNexis Workers’ Compensation Notable People

Remedy staffing has not only helped companies reduce the cost of business insurance, but also helped reduce injuries by up to 95% for many of our clients. Not to mention that improved safety and quality of the workplace environment also helps increase productivity and profitability!

Remedy helps control risk through our preventative programs:

  • Free mock OSHA inspections with reports
  • Free signage and PPE
  • Free classes for the OSHA certifications
  • Shift meetings and classes (Even the dreaded third shift)
  • Mediation for government fines regarding risk


Also, these functions are not only available to the temps that we provide, but also you and all of your employees.


At Remedy, we have teams that are experts in the assessment and evaluation of workplace procedures. They are also specialists at determining cheap solutions to every issue you could, or the government could, imagine.


Because Remedy is ultimately responsible for all injuries, we are authorities in helping in the implementation of modern risk control programs, best practices, and safety guidelines.

Making sure that not only the company is compliant with OSHA regulations, but also that we are familiar with the regulatory laws for your city, county, and state.


In today’s business world, it seems like everything is getting documented, but for good reason because everything must be documented. Do you train your employees? Is it documented? Do you use E-Verify? Is it documented? Do you perform regular training? Is it documented?

Remedy has a proprietary program to insure proper and complete documentation. When a business has documented proof of its historical safety procedures, then the business is officially labeled “world-class compliant” and is entitled to premium discounts offered by insurers.

On-Site and Job-Specific Training

Remedy staffing relishes the role of continually providing ongoing training to employees. All employees need regularly scheduled training in safety, customer relations, and inter-office procedures. When proper training is performed on a regular basis (and documented) the chance of litigations, bad claims experience, and high insurance premiums is greatly reduced.

Discrimination & Non-Citizens

In addition to legal action from safety concerns, rates and premiums can soar if your business has any discriminatory, sexual harassment or illegal workers. At Remedy we help alleviate this by being the employer of record. The best thing about using a Staffing company like ours is the elimination of all the worries from legal action.

Our goal is to help our customers build a “solid history of world class compliance”

We’re confident that Remedy can potentially help reduce a company’s insurance costs. In other words; Remedy can provide a huge cost savings.

So if saving money, reducing risk, and increasing productivity sounds good to you, then give Remedy a call.