Attention HR Professional And Customer Service Job Seeker:

FINALLY… A staffing and recruiting company you can TRUST to do the job RIGHT for BOTH OF YOU!

If you’re looking for SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN ways to attract more quality new candidates, hire the best calling center people, customer service staff, inside sales talent, as well as ways to close more sales, improve your customer engagement, increase your current customer referrals, increase employee retention, and get a promotion along with a big raise…STARTING TODAY…please keep reading and pay close attention, because you have come to the right place! (See testimonials below.)

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I have to say, after years of using other recruiters in multiple industries, no one compares with Dan. Firstly, he is friendly and honest. But, he also listens to what we ACTUALLY need and prescreens candidates for our specific requirements – which is not always easy. Compared to the candidates I see from other recruiters, the potential hires that come from Dan are much more likely to fit our culture and values. This saves time and money, but also puts all involved in the best position to succeed.

His communication is just right – not over the top and not “out of pocket”. He follows up well when I need him to and leaves me alone when I don’t. His insight into sales and recruiting has been invaluable for my sales organization – Dan has actually become an integral part of my team.

Marvin Bowers

Vice President Sales- Global Division

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Dear Job Seeker and Employer,

My name is Dan Jourdan. Most people call me “The Deej.” If you’re reading this right now, it’s probably because you’re either struggling to find a job, or you’re a manager who is looking for a terrific person to fill an open position. I’ll bet you’re looking for some answers that will help you. Or you’re doing just fine but are always on the lookout for something better.

FACT: Hiring and retaining GREAT employees isn’t easy. It is a day-to-day struggle to get people to come in on time, dress appropriately, or even show up for an interview at all! Then, after you spend all that money to train them, something happens and you get to start all over again!

It can be very frustrating. And it can cost you a fortune. I know. Believe me, I’ve been there.

I spent years and years of struggle and frustration hiring for my own businesses. Then I went to work to study, innovate, and test. I did a whole lot of trial and error…plus spent THOUSANDS of my own money…to figure out what I know now. I’ve been able to share it with other people, just like you, to help them get astronomical results, hiring and getting hired, in the calling center, customer service, and inside sales worlds!

  • Imagine being surrounded by strong, skilled, happy, responsible, motivated, customer service, call center, and inside sales co-workers?
  • Would you love to have much less turnover?
  • Do you wish your employees would be more enthusiastic about their jobs?
  • Do you wish your current employees would smile more and have a GREAT ATTITUDE all the time?
  • Would you like to hire more people who like each other and make your life easier and better?
  • Do you wish you could take off a day and know that everything is taken care of?
  • Do you wish you had such a powerful record of employee retention that you get recognized? Do you wish your employees were as motivated and dedicated to growing the business as you are?
  • Bottom line…would you like to upgrade your staff to the Absolute Best Atlanta Has to Offer?

If you answered YES to even ONE of the above questions, please keep reading…and pay close attention… because you are about to learn exactly how you can make it happen, starting TODAY, with one phone call to me!

My Personal Guarantee: “If you decide to simply call me to discuss your hiring or job seeking needs and, after our phone meeting, you haven’t heard at least one mind blowing idea to help your situation…I will send you a $10.00 Starbucks gift card. Crazy, huh???  I would be willing to pay you just to talk to me. That’s how confident I am that I can help you. I am perfectly willing to put MY MONEY on the line to prove it. So you have absolutely NO RISK whatsoever.”  

But first, why should you listen to me? What do I know that you might not?

Good questions. Here are my answers.

For You, the Job Seeker:

First and foremost, I am a salesman. Just Google me and check me out on Youtube.  (Remember the ‘u’ in my last name when you do it, Dan Jourdan.)

What does that have to do with you, the job seeker? Well, I’ll tell you, we have a lot in common. You see, every time I make a sale, I lose something very important:  My best prospect!

I am out of work every day, always looking for my next customer, just like you!

For You, The HR Professional, I:

  • Have been right where you are now…struggling to fit two days of work into one! 
  • Am a hiring authority, too.
  • Started hiring people in my first business when I was 18.
  • Started, built up, and sold four business that are still in existence today.
  • Have seen, firsthand, the wonders and magic that will occur to a company that has only “A” players. 
  • Have lived, firsthand, the torture of a failing business due to keeping “average” people around too long.
  • Spent over half a million dollars to learn what I know now about the secrets to hiring and retaining powerful employees.
  • Am internationally known as a sales and marketing coach, consultant, sales trainer and motivator.
  • Taught thousands of small business owners and sales people how to generate more sales, and increase their closing percentages.
  • Am an author of books on selling and motivation.
  • Am a professional speaker and workshop/seminar presenter.
  • Have dozens of testimonials from more than happy clients and students who will eagerly confirm everything I’m telling you in this letter!

Read more testimonials at the bottom of this page!

As you can see, when it comes to the most important part of your business, HUMAN RESOURCES, I’ve been around the block more than a few times. I’ve had my share of successes…and failures…some of them really BIG!

Just ask my poor wife!

As I ventured down this rocky path that is job search, there were many individuals who assisted me and provided guidance. Only one person gave that and more and that was you. The one attribute that was first and foremost was how you kept me believing in myself, especially when I didn’t want to do that.

All that to let you know that I have landed as a Content Writer for an architecture firm. They are rebranding the company and need an in-house “voice.”

There’s no way this simple thank you can fully express my gratitude for all your help. You’ve provided me with the best example possible of how to be a positive influence in another’s life.

Eric, (Gainfully employed!)

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to sit back and focus on the part of your job that you love best, being a real HR Professional, like how you planned when you got into this business?

All you have to do right now is pick up the phone and give me a call at 770-594-2424 and I will treat YOU to a FREE One Hour Session. It won’t cost you one penny, and I guarantee you’ll come away from the call with some great information and insights on how to make your business career EASIER and MORE FUN!

Why would you not want to jump all over my offer? Are you afraid I’ll just try to sell you something? If that’s the case, you can forget it. If you decide to become my client, it will be YOUR CHOICE, not mine.

I look forward to our conversation.


PS – If you call me TODAY, I’ll give you a FREE gift! The exact Customer Service Training Manual and Audio Course we expect every one of our associates to complete before we send them out on a job. (That’s the best offer you’re going to find anywhere…PERIOD.)

Read below what some of our associates and clients have to say!

These folks are spot on when it comes to matching the right person with the right job. I would highly recommend them if you’re looking for work!

Debbie HR Manager

Remedy does a solid job in everything that it does. I would highly recommend them for all of your staffing needs. If they don’t have the skill to make it happen themselves, they will most certainly refer you elsewhere. But if you call them, you will be pleasantly surprised by an organization that knows the business and can help you with whatever you need. Dan Jourdan is an outstanding individual and professional and I highly recommend him and Remedy Intelligent Staffing.

Shalom, Operations Manager

Dan Jourdan adds a zest to your life like Alka Seltzer does to water. His personality, charm and wisdom is contagious and refreshing. I have known Dan for several years and am confident that he, his staff, and Remedy Intelligent Staffing are the three ingredients best suited to help business owners find really good people and salespeople, like me, to become better sales professionals. I highly recommend Dan and his Remedy team to anyone in the metro Atlanta area!

Nick Gilbert, Owner

This is an amazing company to work with. I would highly recommend them to any company looking to grow. Big or small they can help push you to the next level and keep you moving forward!

Lorne Jacobs, VP of Sales

If you think about it, the job search is really about selling yourself to others. DJ shares the successful habits professional sales people use every day that will dramatically help those in career transition. Don’t miss a talk from DJ as he practices those habits himself. He’ll increase your chance of getting that interview you are waiting for.

RUMC Career Development Ministry

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation on increasing sales. The information you provided has been so valuable to me and my staff. We have already had an increase in sales using your techniques and the motivational message was inspiring. Thanks for your willingness to share your knowledge with others.

Darlene Hall, RJH Services, Inc

Dan, I attended your lecture on finding a job that was held at Roswell United Methodist Church. What an amazing time. I was the one looking for hospitality accounting. You said to me “why don’t you open your own business?” Well, I took your suggestion. I have opened a bookkeeping service. This was something I had contemplated but was quite frightened about everything hanging on my shoulders. But after listening to you and seeing your energy I am taking the leap.

I just wanted you to know that you made an impact and it has changed my career life. I will continue to watch for your posts as I am excited about getting business. Thank you again.

Kristi Morton, Morton Bookkeeping Services

Now I want to help YOU get hired and get the American economy rolling with the job or employees of your dreams! So call me today and let’s talk about it.

Thanks for reading this letter…and I look forward to our conversation.


PPS Remember to click around the site to the video page so you can get an idea of the type of motivated people we do business with!

PPPS And now…all you have to do is make that phone call and take advantage of the FREE One Hour Coaching Session I’m offering you right now. You have absolutely nothing to lose…but there is a great chance that you will gain a whole new future for yourself and your company!

Fill out the form at the top or call me at 770-594-2424. I look forward to our conversation.