What Is Staffing?

“What is Staffing?” Well, staffing is an industry that continues to become more and more popular, and studies show that over half the working population at one time or another will utilize the services of a staffing company or staffing agency.  The question of “what is staffing?” can be answered differently for different people, but for the purposes of this page we will address “what is staffing” as it pertains to the “job seeker” and the “employer” of today.

What Is Staffing? …for the Job Seeker

What Is Staffing?As a job seeker, in an increasingly smaller market, you need to make visible all of your advantages that differentiate you from the herd. This takes some work on your part. You must set your sights on the companies that most interest you as prospective job opportunities. This is probably your most important task – but please don’t stop there. You need to figure out the distinctive qualities and experiences that you possess that will help make that company better. If at all possible, it is not a bad idea to write down on paper your ideas so you can present it along with your resume.

It is a great idea to have an “in” in the company. If you don’t know anyone there, figure out a way to meet someone. (A staffing agency can certainly help). Also remember that you are marketing your services to that company as if you are a business all to yourself. Once you have done much of the legwork it is time to enlist the assistance of a staffing agency.

A good staffing agency can help you with getting into the company of your dreams. Usually they will have you fill out an “on-line registration” (Remedy Application); then the good ones (like Remedy) will have you come in for an interview (Interviewing Skills). We will run reference checks, background checks and the whole nine yards – all for the purpose of building up your brand as a great catch for your targets.

Staffing agencies have contacts and connections in many companies that also can get you interviews. Most often the staffing agency will get you a temporary position in the company/industry of your choice hopefully on a possible “Temp to Perm” basis (Remedy Jobs Board). During this trial period you should network around the company and find a perfect spot for your talents.

Companies like using staffing agencies because they save time and money within their HR departments. Staffing agencies spend much of their days nurturing their client relationships, and you as a job seeker can benefit from that relationship by first knowing what you want, and being prepared.

What is staffing? It is simply the best way for you to find your next career in a tough job market.

What Is Staffing? …for the Employer

As an employer, when it comes to staffing the key advantage is flexibility. Managers who are responsible for workforce hiring decisions, have come to the realization that they can significantly maximize their workforce productivity with the addition of staffing. Companies realize that they can greatly benefit from staffing on a daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonal basis.

Another big answer to the “what is staffing” question for an employer is… Speed. Companies know that they can quickly add quality workers as opposed to having to go about hiring full-time workers and:

  1. Advertise on job sites for a position
  2. Assess and analyze the applications and resumes
  3. Conduct interviews for the position
  4. Perform background checks (Remedy Screening)
  5. Provide new worker benefits (Remedy Benefits)

Many companies realize that without the benefit of staffing solutions, it would be extremely difficult to withstand the ups and downs of production demands – especially companies that have huge seasonal spikes (ex. during the holidays). Staffing solutions give companies the advantage of a pool of specialized workers that can be implemented when/where needed.

Another response to the “what is staffing” question for an employer, centers around the “temp-to-perm” or “temporary-to-hire” method of hiring employees. Many companies are utilizing to this increasingly popular new way of “try before you buy” hiring. Also, both the company and the temporary employee have the ability to see if there is a good fit for possible long-term employment (Remedy Performance Management).

So, what is staffing for employers? …a flexible and convenient way to manage your workforce.